White Silence is Violence


You won’t be surprised by the amount of racist Karen’s I’ve been dealing with since George’s murder. As someone who is very outspoken about equality, I have pissed off a lot of people over the past week and a half.

And I’m proud.

Because if I’m getting comments like: “You’re being racist towards white people” and “Deal with your internalized racism” comments, then I’m doing something right.

The reality is, White People cannot experience racism.

Sorry, Reverse Racism isn’t real. It just isn’t. But if you want information on why it’s not, let me explain.

Reverse Racism suggests that you can discriminate – and get away with it – against a majority or in this case – white people.

It’s bullshit. Racism is based on being oppressed and discriminated against. You can experience discrimination based on your race – totally. But are you oppressed as a white person? Fuck no.

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Hey! I’m Teddy Gutierrez. I am a Non-Binary, Asexual, Panromantic Nerd from the United Kingdom. Let’s have some fun!

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