Hi World!

Over the twelve years that I’ve been doing art and design, I’ve spearheaded so many different projects.

My first project was Live Love Laugh Ranting. A Non-Profit specialised in assisting LGBTQ people with mental health issues. We had phone calls on a daily basis, produced a monthly and weekly magazine – as well as uploading on a daily basis. It was a great experience and spanned four years of my career.

The second project I worked on was 5 Towns Radio – I was a twice weekly radio presenter, graphic designer, web developer, and technician for them. I wasn’t there long – because of creative differences – but I was there long enough to know who I needed to work with, and who I needed to avoid. However, it was an experience that I genuinely enjoyed. I’d be more than happy to go back to radio presenting.

Then I moved onto My Name is Riley – a page and group that was initially started to get feedback and to advertise my newest book (launching on Non-Binary Pride Day in 2021). My Name is Riley is still thriving, and I post daily still. But it ended up leading to something bigger.

Which is T3ddy Talk. It was initially going to be my own media and news site. Just me, talking about the news because that’s what I do a lot of. Although, with demand asking for more content – I couldn’t keep up. I hired three of my friends to assist – all writers in their own specific subjects. T3ddy Talk is still going, and can be viewed at www.T3ddyTalk.com

And now, I’m branching out – filling a gap that I was having issues trying to fill prior. There are only a handful of artists that specialise in LGBTQ content. And it’s not that there aren’t people out there making pronoun badges and LGB shirts. It’s the fact that there are too many pride stores that only focus on certain orientations and idenities. Trying to find Genderqueer, Asexual, and Aromantic artwork and gifts is a nightmare. So, I decided to make it easier. I’m a knowledgable person in the LGBTQ community – being an activist does that. I’m constantly learning and educating, so more content will always follow.

I hope this explains a little to who I am, what I do, and why I’ve opened the site.

I hope you enjoy my content, and please make sure to support your artist!

Premium Content on the Way!


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Hey! I’m Teddy Gutierrez. I am a Non-Binary, Asexual, Panromantic Nerd from the United Kingdom. Let’s have some fun!

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